The Restaurant

A selection of watermelon, pineapple, banana, among other exotic local fruit is served for breakfast every morning in the garden restaurant. There is a choice of eggs, homemade muesli and homemade yoghurt, even sandwiches and salad available for those more into a brunch-type start to the day, accompanied with tea/coffee/milk/fruit juices.
Healthy, tasty Thai and European dishes including vegetarian and raw options feature on the menu at lunch and dinner time. The restaurant is open daily from 12 – 9:30pm.
One of the restaurant walls is lined with bookshelves filled with English, German, Russian, French,…reads. Over the years guests have left or swapped books here. Feel free to peruse and pick something that interests you, and also to share that one book that tips your travel weight limit.
Don’t miss the paintings and Burmese puppets that have been made and collected by Massimo and his family over the years, hanging on the walls behind the coffee machine and bar, bringing you back into the dream-like story you have dared to step into.
The garden restaurant is the perfect atmosphere: relaxed with not a worry in the air, to unwind over dinner, a glass of red wine in hand.